Representation Is So Important



Have your child HAND-DRAWN as a cartoon character into our amazing adventures! They are the stars of a magical world where Black culture is CENTERED and CELEBRATED!


Representation Is So Important!

The brainchild of illustrator and author Terri A. Meredith, it's the first fully customized hard cover children’s book series that CENTERS and CELEBRATES Black children! Drawing the cartoon version of your child into the pages, TURNING THEM INTO THE STAR OF THEIR VERY OWN BOOK!

Our children shine even brighter when the things that they love and enjoy reflect their beauty, vibe and culture.


RISI places them in a world where the glow up takes place in their hearts and minds!




Your kids will be super excited about reading because they are drawn in as the star of the story!

More books are being created that will appeal to kids who like more text and to kids who like more pictures!

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