Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Your child is HAND DRAWN as a cartoon version throughout several pages of their book. It's a loving process, but it's still a process. You will likely have several orders ahead of yours, so your payment of your invoice does not automatically mean "you got next" as in "great, they should be starting right now!" ;). Please be patient with me as I pour everything I have into making sure your child receives a book they will love so much they WILL actually hug it.

From time to time I may be running behind in my production schedule - again, your patience is always greatly appreciated, as I work tirelessly - but sometimes challenges occur with custom drawings.



Customized RISI books are beautifully constructed hard cover books with glossy interior pages that perfectly highlight the vibrant color schemes.  As with any paper product, time and constant use can eventually affect the integrity of the appearance.

How much are the customized RISI books?

There are two sizes:

ONE 6”x6” hard cover customized book is $55 plus $5 shipping 

ONE 8"x8" hard cover customized book is $70 plus $10 shipping

** A personal message to the child is an additional $5 **

How much is the shipping?

Shipping for one 6"x6" customized book is $5 to any U.S. address, an additional $1.50 for the second book and no more additional shipping charges after that! 

Shipping for our 8"x8" customized book is $10 to any U.S. address, an additional $2.50 for the second book and no more additional shipping charges after that! 

*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** Invoices are configured to apply shipping costs that are in accordance with the 8x8 book(s) first and orders of 3 or more must be delivered to the same address to eliminate additional shipping charges.


* Click the "CUSTOMIZE" tab at the top

* Scroll through the descriptions of the books and pick the one(s) best suited to your child's vibe

* Scroll to bottom of page and complete the RISI CUSTOMIZATION FORM

* When we receive your form, we confirm with you via email and send your invoice

* When payment is remitted, you are placed on the production schedule and advised of the start date via email


Ugh! The two sizes are confusing - how do I know if I should get the 6x6 or the 8x8?!

It's just a matter of preference. The 6x6 books are perfect for little hands and wonderfully compact so that it's not too cumbersome to carry around!  The 8x8 books are two inches larger all around and may look a little more impressive as you grow your RISI library.

How long does production take on customized RISI books?

Each book is personally custom illustrated by the author and usually requires approx. 1 week for production and editing. The turnaround time is approx. 3 weeks AND is dependent upon the existing production schedule. You are notified via email of an approx. completion date (this does not factor in shipping from Shanghai).

Can you guarantee that I'll have my custom book before a specific date?

RISI is unable to guarantee delivery dates and does not accommodate expedited production or shipping at this time. Each RISI customized story is illustrated by a single artist which, at times, presents its own set of challenges. Our priority is ensuring that you receive a quality RISI book that is lovingly produced and not rushed. Rushing leaves the process  vulnerable to proofing errors. Your custom book is also manufactured in Shanghai in order to keep your custom book as affordable as possible. It's a loving, amazing process, but it's very much a process.

The great thing about your patience with us is that a RISI book is ENTHUSIASTICALLY received no matter when it is presented! 

Will it look EXACTLY like the child I'm ordering the book for?

The short answer is "No, not EXACTLY." Your RISI artist draws a stylized cartoon version to represent the look and overall vibe of your child and we throw in extra visual bonuses, at times, so play close attention ;) That paired with the title bearing their name and the story being about them will allow them to "get the picture" (pun intended). We will be introducing a series that will be more intricate and will be drawn as "caricatures" of the children available on a higher pricing tier.

Uhmmmm, these "parents/family members" in my book look nothing like us!

RISI makes your child the star of a fictional world full of adventure where life is already in motion. Think of it as a parallel universe that you escape to WITH them, even though you've taken on a different form. No worries, all of their real life hugs and smiles because they are the STAR OF THE STORY will only be for you!


Hey! I just saw a pop-up on the site that says production begins at a much later date!

It's a necessary inconvenience to allow the artist the time necessary to illustrate several pages, edit, proofread and format your custom book. Your payment secures your spot in our queue.

How do I pay?

Once your RISI CUSTOMIZATION FORM is received you are immediately sent an itemized invoice for the cost of your book(s) plus shipping. Once payment is received for your order, you are placed in our production queue and notified via email of the anticipated start date for illustrations.

Is it possible to make a  customized story with several  customized characters?

All RISI stories focus on ONE CHILD as the star of their custom book.

Do I have to fill out the Customization Form for each book?

We only need ONE CUSTOMIZATION FORM FILLED OUT PER CHILD. If you are buying 4 books in the series, let's say, for ONE CHILD - only fill out the customization form once. If those four books are for four different children, please fill out a form for each child.

Are the customized stories able to work for little boys?

MOST DEFINITELY! Your customized book will have his cartoon character, name and all of the social settings and interactions of universally embraced vibes of love, friendship and family - and that works for everyone!

Why isn't the spine of my book glued/secured?

This bindery technique allows the book to open, close and stretch without easily ripping apart. It's a mandatory part of the book design that serves a critical function in preservation.

I just received my order and it has a defect, what can I do?

Please send us a photograph of the shipping label and a clear photograph of the defect, along with an email link/screenshot of your order page. We will respond to you immediately. 

Is the invoice included in the package?

The invoice is not included in the package since many of our clients buy RISI books as a gift. If you need an invoice, please print or save a copy of your order page. 

Can you customize the storyline/title/background scenes/other characters?

The storylines are not customizable, and the titles are customized to include the child's name that the RISI book is being created for.  For instance, Myah's Magic Potion would become Jaquel's Magic Potion if that's who you're buying the book for. Storylines are only altered to fit the standard pronouns that are used, wherever applicable. The scenes and supporting characters are not altered, only the main character - your child.

Can I have a book customized to include more than one child?

Not currently. RISI wants each child to have absolute focus on them, their imagination and their interaction with the other characters in the story that they’ll be meeting for the very first time.  

In what languages ​​are the books available?

Presently, they are only offered in English. We hope to make translated editions available.

What is the recommended age range for children?

RISI books are most enthusiastically received by children of ages 3 to 12. We happily encourage “story time” for children who may find the vocabulary and/or amount of text in some of the books challenging. We are working on new stories with more pictures and less text. We want to ensure that our children's individual reading and learning styles are embraced.

What happens once the child has read all 8 books?

NO WORRIES! MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE SITE and you'll be notified every time a new RISI book becomes part of the library. We have exciting stories being created for your child and hope to introduce a new book (at least) each month! 

Can I include a personal message in the book?

Yes! You can include a 3 to 6 sentence personalized message in their customized RISI book for an additional charge of $5, just type out your message on the form and make sure to select "Custom Message" at checkout. If a personal message is not included, an "author's message" is in place on the first page in celebration of them being Black and brilliant!

Can I have the word "Black" taken out of the Author's message  to my child if I don't write my own?

Nope, and why would anyone want to? RISI was created for our children to reinforce absolute pride in being Black in a world that too often reinforces that they should want to be anything but that.