What Makes Us Different?

The simple answer?

All of the things that make “US” different. Before RISI, Black children remained an afterthought in customized children’s books. Hairstyle choices offered very little by way of texture and creativity, and skin tone choices consistently overlooked the richest dark browns. 

The use of African American Vernacular English (AAVE) is sometimes downplayed, even though it's an important part of Black culture. RISI celebrates everything that makes Black children unique! Your child now has an artist to capture their perfection while transforming them into cute cartoon characters. We can’t wait to hear about the smile on your child’s face when they read stories that have made them the star!

From cornrows to plaits...

...two-strand twist-outs to fades - fine to 4C - kinky to coiled – bantu knots to locs, RISI is illustrated to ensure that your child has the delight of exclaiming, “THAT’S ME!”

Lovin' the skin we're in!

Our children flawlessly rock a lovely range of complexions! RISI takes pride in capturing light browns, captivating “pecan tans” and vibrant, mahogany tones.